About Me

My name is Hazel Shimmin. I am a Kennel Club accredited and MSc qualified dog trainer and behaviour advisor with decades of experience.  I’m passionate about my work with dogs and actively study and research into dog related subjects and continue to take further qualifications.

Hazel Shimmin: Dog Trainer and Behaviour Advisor

My dog, Duke, and I on a walk

Hazel Shimmin: Summary

I am a experienced dog trainer and behaviour advisor:

  • Owned and trained dogs to competitive obedience standard for over 35 years
  • Accredited Instructor with the Kennel Club (Companion Dog)
  • MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Over 15 years experience working professionally as a dog trainer and advising on behaviour issues
  • Kennel Club Assessor for their national instructors qualification  – KCAI
  • Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Examiner for Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • PGCE, FHEA and 10 years lecturing canine specific subjects at a land based college

Hazel Shimmin: Lecturing and Instructing Work

I worked in a land based college for 19 years as a lecturer and manager.

During that time, I:

  • Established a range of canine courses
  • Taught:
    • Practical training classes for companion dogs
    • All levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards
    • Canine Agility
    • Many other subjects, including Equine Studies and Maths
  • Undertook behaviour consultations
  • Wrote, validated and taught:
    • Level 3 Canine Studies courses
    • FdSc / BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training

This work enabled me to share my passion for dogs with a wide variety of owners and students and gave me the opportunity to work with many dogs from all sorts of backgrounds.  The combination of both practical hands on training and behaviour work and delivering higher level theoretical lectures enabled me to further enhance my experience and knowledge.

Hazel Shimmin: Kennel Club Accredited Instructor

I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor for Companion Dogs.  This qualification is also accredited by City and guilds.   This qualification was in three parts:

  • Knowledge of dogs
  • Practical handling of dogs
  • Instructing dog owners

Completing this qualification gave me a structure on which to base my own studies and broaden my areas of expertise through extensive reading, attending seminars, undertaking short qualifications and working with other trainers and behaviourists.

For more information about Kennel Club qualifications and the Kennel Club Code of Practice see Kennel Club Accreditation.

Hazel Shimmin: Animal Behaviour MSc

In 2014-16 I undertook a MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Newcastle University and received a Distinction.  I took the behaviour route and specialised in dogs. My dissertation studied the development of behaviour problems, particularly in adolescent dogs.

In addition, the course covered:

  • Canine Ethology
  • Learning Theory
  • Canine Health and Behaviour
  • Canine Law
  • Neural and Endocrine Mediates of Behaviour
  • Canine Welfare Science
  • Canine Clinical Behaviour Procedures


If you would like to discuss dog training or need dog behaviour advice, please Email me.