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Dog Behaviour Explained

As series of articles explaining common dog behaviour questions, misconceptions and myths.

Dog Behaviour Explained 1

No bad dogs, only bad owners?

All dogs know their name, come, sit etc?

Dogs can only see black and white?

Dog Behaviour Explained 2

Does reassuring a frightened dog reinforce that behaviour?

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Are dogs carnivores?

Dog Behaviour Explained 3

Should dogs should be told of for growling?

Will training prevent or treat behaviour problems?

Are dogs are pack animals?

Dog Behaviour Explained 4

Will behaviour problems resolve themselves with time?

Do you need to dominate your dog to get him to follow commands?

Do dogs sweat if they get too hot?

Dog Behaviour Explained 5

Is obsessive behaviour funny?

When a dog has learnt a command at home, is he is just being naughty or wilful if he won’t respond on walks?

Are dogs that eat grass sick?

Dog Behaviour Explained 6

Do dogs get separation anxiety because they love their owners too much?

Should you always practice taking the dogs food off him?

Are dogs are hunters?

Dog Behaviour Explained 7

Do dogs feel guilty when they have done something wrong?

Does repeating commands help your dog learn?

Do dogs dream?

Dog Behaviour Explained 8

Does neutering reduces aggression in male dogs?

Should training should be completed in the first 6 months?

Do dogs understand what their owners say?

Enriching your Dog’s Life

1.  Food Scatter

2.  Sit, Down Stand

3.  Food Search

4.  Nose Target

5.  Food Circuit

6.  Leave it

7.  Box

8.  Stays

9.  Recall