Positively Playful Dog Training Classes


Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes are an excellent way to train your dog and give the added advantage of socialisiing your dog with other dogs and people, working with distractions so your training is effective in all environments, learning new skills and sharing your experiences with other owners and having the opportunity to discuss any issues you are experiencing with your instructor.  They give you a structured programme to follow so you and your dog make progress towards your goals.

I also offer one to one dog training in your own home, if you think your dog is not yet ready for a class environment or if you want more individual attention.

We are Kennel Club Listed and offer the Kennel Club Good Citizens awards.

For further information on the Kennel Club Good Citizens awards and to download a copy of the Awards, https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/training/good-citizen-dog-training-scheme/

I am currently only running Puppy Classes through Holly House Vets.

Courses are suitable for puppies from 12 week to 6 months and cover basic training, socialisation, familiarisation with the vet practice and procedures and fun confident giving activities.

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Our Methods

We understand that the relationship between you and your dog is the most essential element in dog training and that dogs learn best when they are having fun (as do you!).  We use only positive methods, creating games to help shape your dog’s behaviour and so he learns the concepts of the exercises giving him a broad foundation to base future exercises you may wish to teach him – he won’t just learn to do what you ask, but will learn how to think and to enjoy working with you.  Your dog will love playing the games and you will be amazed and at how easily he learns essential life skills and is able to perform all the standard ‘obedience’ exercises to make him a dog to be proud off.

Our Dog Training Classes will be arranged by dogs age and current level of training.  There will be a maximum 6 dogs per class.


Courses and Costs


Puppy Class for dogs under 12 months.

Puppies learn through playing games to teach them basic exercises and good manners to become well adapted family members. Socialisation with other dogs and people.

The puppy class will cover:

  • Understanding Basic Principles of Positive Dog Training
  • Training through play and games to make it fun and keep your dog motivated
  • Attention and response to his/ her name
  • Positions
  • Handling
  • Stays
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Settling and being relaxed

Opportunity to take the Kennel Club Good Citizens Puppy Foundation Award


Beginner  / Intermediate Adult Dogs for dogs over 9 months or who have completed the puppy course.

Basic training through playing games, teaching both the handler and dog positive and fun ways of communicating and working together.

The class will cover:

  • Understanding Basic Principles of Dog Training
  • Focus Work and Working with Distractions
  • Play and Settle
  • Positions and Stay – 1 minute
  • Loose lead walking with distractions
  • Recall with distractions
  • Control at Doors
  • Responsibility and Care, including Handling for health checks and grooming

Opportunity to take the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award (optional)


Intermediate / Advanced Dogs   for dogs over 9 months and / or have completed a previous training course

Further develop your dog’s training whilst having fun and enhancing your relationship.  Course will include both new exercises and help you work on reliability and quality or previous work.

The Intermediate / Advanced Class  will cover:

  • Further Basic Principles of Dog Training
  • Focus Work and working with Distractions, including off lead, General Manners
  • Play and Settle,
  • Positions, including Distance Control
  • Stays all three positions, and developing time, distance and distraction
  • Loose lead walking with distractions, including road walks and off lead
  • Recall, with distractions, formal recalls and call to heel
  • Increased precision and quality in all work and specific obedience exercises
  • Responsibility and Care

Opportunity to take the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze  / Silver Award (optional)

For further information or to book your place

Please contact:

Hazel at enquiries@hazelshimmin.com