Rona and Princess

I can not recommend Hazel enough. She has only been involved with my dog Princess for two weeks and already there has been a huge transformation in my dog.

I rescued Princess a year ago after she had been attacked very badly at least twice by another dog that lived with her. Also, unbeknown to myself, at the house that she lived at the owners would regularly use guns to shoot the rats at the property.  This has resulted in Princess having serious issues because she was constantly very frightened and anxious.

With Hazel coming out and spending time with us she was able to observe Princess and talk to me about her behaviour. She talked me through about how was best to help Princess and also advised me on training to do with her. Hazel then emailed a full report to me putting everything in writing that we had discussed and the training exercises that I needed to do.

I am able to contact Hazel via email, phone or text messages at anytime and she will discuss any problems or give me further advice on how to help Princess.

Hazel is a very friendly, totally professional lady who is very easy to talk to which is obviously essential.

Rona and Princess

Claire and Molly

When I experienced issues with my labrador’s behaviour (she was fearful of going into anyone’s house) my vet immediately recommended Hazel.   Hazel visited my home the following day and went through a very detailed, comprehensive list of questions to try to understand what had caused Molly’s fear.  Not one to be beaten, she even arranged for us to go through a similar situation so she could see it with her own eyes and truly understand the problem so that she could really diagnose and treat it effectively.  Hazel is lovely to deal with and obviously has a wealth of experience that enables her to empathise with you and help to solve your issues.  She also followed up several times following her visit to make sure that everything was still going well.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Hazel and will certainly contact her again if we need her.

Claire and Molly

Catherine and Orlando

‘You have honestly worked wonders and I am so proud of Orlando responding.  I took Orlando to a pub and he was so good a couple next to me remarked on how well behaved he was!’

Catherine and Orlando



Sarah and Marley

Dear Hazel

I would just like to thank you for your help with Marley.

Although I’d seen trainers previously, it has been with your help and expertise that we now, as a family, have a happy companion whom we understand and appreciate.

I feel we can now move forward and enjoy our relationship, and I have confidence knowing that you’re only a phone call/email away.  It’s certainly been a pleasure working with you over the last few months

Yours forever grateful

Sarah & Marley

Lisa and Peggy

We’re making good progress, definitely more positive. I appreciate still long way to go, but I’m really pleased.

Lisa and Peggy

Joanna and Oscar

Thank you for the report we have printed it to refer to. It is a great help.  The training is progressing well.

Joanna and Oscar

Helen, Herbie and Jess

I have trained my Newfoundland  dogs and studied Dog Training and Canine Psychology with Hazel over the last few years. Hazel has helped me work through some behavioural problems with patience and understanding and her extensive knowledge has helped me to have two amazing well adjusted working dogs,  who have gone on to achieve many awards and be part of several water rescue charity demonstrations.

Hazel’s courses have been so interesting and engaging that after completing two of them it has given me the confidence to be able to recognise, understand and help with some of the problems that are associated with dogs that have to be rehomed.

I think the proof of Hazel’s training qualifications and experience is in the relationship she has formed with her own dog and how they work together as a team. I would never hesitate to ask her advice on any Canine related topics should the need arise, and would recommend her to anyone else.


Yvonne Kelsall

I first met Hazel over 10 years ago through the Kennel Club Accreditation Instructors  Scheme of which she was an enthusiastic member of the group.  Later Hazel attended some of my competition obedience dog training classes with her dogs and continued to enhance her handling skills to back up her already extensive knowledge and experience.  Hazel went on to gain Kennel Club accreditation for companion dog training.

Hazel is a successful and competent instructor.  I have assessed a number of her Good Citizen classes and her handlers and dogs have a good pass rate and show sound understanding of training and ability to work to a good standard.  Hazel uses all her skills gained in her many years working in the education environment to full advantage in her dog training and behaviour  programmes.

Yvonne Kelsall KCAI , PPDTI