Dog Training at Your Home

Dog Training



One to one Dog Training Sessions in your own home.

If you would prefer to train your dog in your own home rather than attend classes, I will come to you and help you with your training needs.  These sessions will be tailored to you and your dog and allow you to have individual attention and support, making them very effective and efficient.  Some dogs would find a dog training class too distracting with the other dogs and would benefit from initial training at home first.

All dogs are unique and whether you are an experienced owner, a first time puppy owner or have just acquired a rescue dog, you may meet unexpected challenges in their behaviour and training.   All my training methods are positive and will be fun for both you and your dog and will help further develop a good relationship with your dog.  Training sessions will be designed to meet your needs, whether you just want to master the basics to have a well behaved companion at home, address issues on walks such as walking on a loose lead or recall or want to work on more advanced ‘obedience’ exercises.

There are many benefits of a well trained dog, achieved through positive methods:

  • A well behaved dog is more welcome and easier to take places with you and therefore has a more enriched life.
  • Training fulfils many of your dog’s needs – attention from you, mental stimulation (more tiring than physical exercise), and improved communication.
  • Improves the relationship / bond with your dog, built on understanding and fun!
  • Increased ability to communicate with you dog and understand him in return
  • Greater control –ability to help you dog respond appropriately in difficult situations
  • Channels your dog’s energies in a positive way
  • Dogs may become more cognitive and less emotional in their attitudes. This can prevent or manage emotionally driven behavioural problems.
  • Can help prevent problem behaviour and / or makes treating of problems much easier.


Training sessions will be designed to meet your needs, but may cover the following:

  • Understanding principles of training
  • Clicker training
  • Basic training – focus, sit, down, stand, stay, recall, leave it
  • Walking on a loose lead on walks
  • Problems with recall on walks
  • Advanced training – working with distractions, generalisation, distance control, heelwork, formal recalls etc.

The cost for a training home visit is £65 per hour .  Depending on your goals, this may be a one of session or a series of sessions.

I also run dog training classes for all ages and abilities.

If you would like to discuss your dog’s training, please contact me at